Family Health and Rehab – Auto Accident and Whiplash Chiropractor in St. George Utah

We are the premier Upper Cervical and Auto Accident Chiropractor office in St. George, Utah. When injuries or pain takes you out of your game, you need a qualified physician on your team.

We take an active and aggressive approach to getting you back to full health as quickly as possible. In addition to whiplash injuries, we specialize in helping get rid of back pain, headaches, vertigo, neck, and shoulder pain.


How wearing a brace increases the problem

With whiplash, there is a common approach to recovery that is being implemented across the nation, by traditional c...

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Chronic Whiplash and You

Whiplash is a scary thing for people to endure.  There are so many stories of people being injured in a car crash...

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  • I had suffered with an extremely painful condition called "Occipital Neuralgia" for the past 20 years.  It had been getting worse.  I would be in tears due to the pain. I went to a doctor and he talked about receiving an injection to block the pain.  I didn't want to mask the pain but to treat the pain. Dr. Andersen was able to show me why I was suffering and with the treatments, I haven't had any recurring episodes and in fact, very few headaches in general.  I'm grateful for the relief. –GF

  • I just cannot express my absolute delight and gratefulness for Dr. Andersen and his staff for the wonderful way they work and all they have done for me!  It takes a lot to make me a believer, but I told Dr. Andersen if he could make me better the world would know all about it!  I will sing his praises forever and eventually need my own box of business cards for him! –MH

  • Dr. Andersen’s office is a pleasant and cheerful place to visit. He is personable, easy to talk to, and very nice. The adjustments are completely painless. If I hadn’t experienced myself this kind of painless physical change, I would find it hard to believe. The old saying of “no pain, no gain” is just not true. I whole-heartedly recommend him and his techniques to anyone seeking chiropractic help. –YB